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PostSubject: Crackdown   Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:41 am

Crackdown is an awsome FPS-RPG hybrid, where you are an "Agent" working for the police to bring down the 3 big gangs in the city.

You get all sorts of weapons and vehicles, and there's also this download you can get (which is free) that alows you to play in a special mode, called Keyes to the City, which essentialy makes you a god.

It's got explosives, racing, assasination, people being thrown off buildings, CARS being thrown off buildings, cars being thrown ONTO buildings, and much much more!!

Go buy it today!



Why are you still here? Go!

Don't wait to see where I'm going with this just do it!

Is he gone? What, you're still here? Go buy the game already!
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