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 Halo FF The stories of B Company

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PostSubject: Halo FF The stories of B Company   Sat Feb 20, 2010 4:53 pm

alright 2 things

1. this is my first FF this year so it wont be the best

2. i no the title sucks. live with it.


Aboard UNSC Aegis Fate

January 9, 2552

I'm not going to die. I'm not going to die. B Company's newest replacement, John Steele, kept thinking to himself. B Company was one of the best Marine units in the UNSC, and always go on the most dangerous missions, the most suicidal assignments that even ODSTs turned away. But this one was, by far, the most suicidal. They had to search for Covenant intel on the planet known as New Harmony, in a facility the Covenant had complete control over. John was inexperienced and had never even held a gun in his life, and the entire company thought he would be killed by either a Jackal or a Skirmisher. Suddenly, the door to the armory slide opened with a hiss.

A Spartan from Noble Team stepped in and grabbed a SRS99 Sniper Rifle of the wall of the armory. Five more Spartans followed, three of which grabbed MA37s and Magnums. The only Spartan-II in the room grabbed a heavy machine gun and two SMGs, and the last one to enter grabbed a shotgun. They must be talking on private channels, John geussed. He loaded a clip into his MA37 and readied the HUD on the goggles in his helment. Almost six seconds after he was completely ready, his COM activated. "John, where the Hell are you? The Pelican takes off in two minutes," the only other replacement in B Company, Brandon Smith, said over the COM. "I'll be there in a bit," John replied, then started down toward the hanger bay in which his unit was waiting.

He entered with Noble Team, who was going on the mission as well. Just as he reached the Pelican, an explosion sounded throughout the ship as a plasma shell ripped into the Aegis Fate's hull. Alarms started blaring and John was hurried into the Pelican by the engineers standing nearby. The two Pelicans carrying Noble Team and B Company launched out of the hanger bay, and into the space above New Harmony, descending towards the surface of the planet quickly, dodging plasma bolts from Covenant scout Banshees.
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PostSubject: Re: Halo FF The stories of B Company   Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:09 am

its a lot better than your first one mate Smile
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Halo FF The stories of B Company
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